Skincare Holy Grail.

My skin is probably the one part of me I can’t seem to control, no matter what I do or what I try my acne never seems to be defeated. I posted just over a week ago that I had bought some new products from lush to add to my skincare routine in the hope that something would change and to my surprise, some things have.


First off I start with the Ultrabland Cleanser from lush, the reviews have all been glowing from other people but I have seen a pattern form in them, they all say that it’s hard to remove. I didn’t find this to be the case, you only need a small amount to go a long way and it really does get ALL your make-up off when removed with a warm damp cotton pad. As long as you take the time to remove this properly it wont feel  heavy on the skin at all.


Oh simple, how I love the simple range. They are seriously my go to brand for skincare, they never let me down. Once I’ve got all the Ultrabland off I grab a cotton pad apply the purifying cleansing lotion onto it generously and apply to the face in an upwards motion, if there is any excess makeup that I’ve missed, or even any excess Ultrabland that I’ve missed this will get it off completely and give your skin that extra cleanse. I bet you can’t guess what I did next? I grabbed yet ANOTHER cotton pad after the lotion had all dried into my skin and applied the toning cleanser in the same way.


Once both of those have nicely seeped into my skin I apply a generous layer of Simple moisturiser to my skin and gently massage in, after that I apply what I now find is the holy grail of skin care, Grease Lightning from Lush. It is a gel with Tea Tree And Hazel Witch in and you put it directly onto the blemish or spot, or even where you can feel a spot is going to sprout from to kill it before it arrives.  It’s definitely only a product I use in my night routine, unless of course I have a day off and don’t apply make-up, because it leaves a layer on top of the spot which peels under make-up and can leave you looking like you have really flakey skin, not the most flattering look you can imagine.


Twice this week I’ve used the Cosmetic Warrior face mask, I love how it doesn’t dry hard on your face meaning that you’re not stuck for 20 minutes in silence trying not to crack your face, which for me is near enough impossible! You can just tell from the smell of it that it’s going to be good for you, as it doesn’t smell great, infact even though it’s natural it smells quite hospitalised but It definitely leaves you feeling fresh so you just have to ignore that i’m afraid!

Bare in mind I’ve only used these products in my skincare routine for just over a week now, yet i’m having to share the results with you because I’ve found it one of the most effective routines yet! Simple (you can find simple products in any drug store and most supermarkets) has and probably always will be in there but as for Lush, I think I’ve found a new friend for my Simple products. I can’t wait to see what results they bring after more use once it’s fully got to work and will be sure to keep you updated.


My spots have all seemed to of died down, my acne scars will be there for the foreseeing future but they are easily hidden with makeup and depending on the day will be less prominent than here. (The best way I’ve found to help those acne spots fade over time is Bio Oil)

Any of you lovelies struggling or have struggled with acne? Anything you used that you think is a miracle worker?

Have a lovely sunday,



5 responses to “Skincare Holy Grail.

  1. Ugh I feel your pain – only antibiotics work for my acne, and obviously you can’t take them all the time as it’s really bad for you! These lush products look fantastic though – I’ve got my eye on Grease Lightning and love their Coalface cleanser. If you’ve got sensitive skin though it might not be the best, as it contains sodium laureth sulphate (an irritant). Origins is amazing for when you’ve got painful lurkers – I love their Out of Trouble mask! And Clinique does a good oil free moisturiser. Hope this routine keeps working for you! X


    • I remember being put on antibiotics and then when I came off then I broke out even worse and as you say you can’t take them all the time so it’s a bit annoying the doctors only give you a temporary Fix! They really are great, grease lightning seriously has blown me away but my skin can get used to products quite quickly and results can tend to go downhill so hopefully this won’t be the case with this! Ooo I’ve heard a lot about the origins I think I’ll definitely give their mask a try, thank you! Xx


  2. I just started using “The Regimen” from! Apparently it’s amazing. I’ll be doing a review for it when I’m done my supply, but in the meantime you should peruse their website! extremely helpful stuff! Seems like we have the same skin issues. I’ve never been able to fully control my skin! It has a mind of it’s own and it’s pretty frustrating! I’ve also recently started taking a multivitamin and some extra zinc to help with my skin 🙂 I just googled what vitamins help fight acne.


    • I’ve never heard of it! I’ll definitely be taking a look into it though because anything that helps is worth it. I’ll be ire to have an eye out for your review! It really is frustrating isn’t it. And when it is kept under wraps it’s only short lived! I’ve got some zinc tablets come to think of it but I’m just terrible when it comes to actually taking them regularly. Memory of a goldfish! Thankyou for the tip:) xxx


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