Your thoughts will eat you alive.


They look at you like you’re doing something wrong just by standing there, you start to feel uncomfortable but don’t want to move and make it look obvious that they’re bothering you. They’re probably only just looking in your direction rather than right at you right? Oh wait now they’re laughing and keep looking away when you catch their eye. It’s starting to become too much to be coincidental. But what grounds do you have to assume? You don’t even know them, they could be the nicest people and you could be stood judging them instead of them judging you.Β  Our minds are powerful, very powerful. They can be amazing, but they can also create situations that aren’t there. We can’t control our minds but just remember, not everything is as it seems.



2 responses to “Your thoughts will eat you alive.

  1. Good point! Misunderstandings are a major source of conflict, and most people imagine themselves far better at reading others’ intentions than they actually can.


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