Makeup Saviours.

10689911_294215070763495_5569101539881910720_nI’m not someone who is very adventurous when it comes to my face, mascara, eye shadows & lipsticks I’ll happily play around with all day but when it comes to foundations and powders I’m very much a stick to what I know kind of girl. I recently challenged myself, I will try a new foundation and I will get a new powder! Risky as it was it turned out to be the best choice I ever made.

When it came to buying a new foundation I had heard amazing reviews on the Loreal, True Match foundation so I was eager to give that one a  go as it was. To my surprise I ended up with two new foundations, when Revlons PHOTOREADY caught my eye I knew I just had to try it. I hadn’t heard anything about this one before but the photo ready just kind of sold it to me. For powders I decided to go with collection, none of these have disappointed and here’s why I love each and every one of them!

Revlon, PHOTOREADY, 004 Nude – £12.99 from superdrug. This foundation is honestly one of the only foundations I’ve had to use very little of and still get complete coverage. It blends fantastically and goes on the skin like silk, doesn’t feel heavy whatsoever and you actually feel photoready, the red blotches on my skin just disappear before my eyes. There is only one downfall with this foundation, which for me doesn’t really matter as I have and always will be a powder lover, it’s a little bit too shiny to leave without anything over the top. For those who like to just use a foundation and only a foundation and call it a day I definitely wouldn’t recommend it, but for me,it’s fab!

Loreal, True Match, Natural Beige – £9.99 from superdrug. Now I must admit I do use this less than Revlon’s, but unlike Revlon it doesn’t leave any shine so it’s my go to foundation when i’m in a rush and I only have time to pop one coat on knowing i’m still going to look like I’ve made an effort. It really is super-bendable like it says, it is also super easy to match with any texture of your skin, it just adapts to give you that same quality everywhere. Excuse the fact it has no lid, my pooch was watching me get them out the bathroom, the lid got dropped and as she finds herself hilarious it is now buried in the garden. Perfect.

Collection, Pressed Powder, 02 Tender Touch -£1.99 from superdrug. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the price?! Would cost people more to get to the shop than it is to buy this! With it’s low price you may be quite wary of the product, don’t be! My biggest pet hate it when people completely cover their face in layers of powder to the point of when they walk it is basically falling off them. I don’t think even the culprits of this could have any excuse for using so much, the tiniest touch gives great results. The best part is it stays on all day!

Maybe I’ll be brave enough to change them over again as some point, but for now that’s enough excitement for me. Living on the wild side, done.



5 responses to “Makeup Saviours.

  1. Being Simple is the best make-up 🙂


  2. I absolutely love the revlon photo ready foundation! It lasts so well and the finish is gorgeous 🙂


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