What I’d tell my teenage self.

Now I’m not old, but I have definitely grown up. Teenage life is the most confusing time for many people. If I could this is what I would of told myself as a teenager and anybody else who’s a teenager now.

It’s ok not to be ok.

You’re just a kid, if you want to cry then cry. You shouldn’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and feel like you should be the strong one, like you should always come across as coping because that’s the person you need to be. You don’t. Let it all out. You’ll feel much better.

Your parents love you.

It’s hard to see that your parents love you when you’re growing up. The way the want things done and they way they act around you is just to mould you into the person you’ve turned out to be today. They aren’t trying to upset you, they aren’t getting mad with you for you to feel down, they’re teaching you right from wrong. Tell them you love them, every day.

You don’t need makeup.

Put the makeup down, PUT IT DOWN. Those spots you see on your face will clear up in a week or so, your skin is still so young please don’t hide it with make up. Once you do it’s a terrible circle of spots from makeup and makeup to hide spots and then back to the beginning when you don’t understand how to care for your skin properly yet.

Not everybody will like you.

It’s not because you’re an unlikeable person. Who is going to get along with every single person they meet? Nobody and that’s just life, don’t chase the people who don’t and appreciate the people who do.

Your heart wont be broken forever.

You’ll meet countless wrongs before you find a right but life will move on, so will you. Don’t resort to pushing people away because you think they’ll do the same, because you’re scared.

Your health is more important than the number on the scales.

Stop weighing yourself, stop watching what you eat. Enjoy yourself, your weight should be the last thing on your mind. Put that scale in the bin right now and have a humongous tub of ice cream while your metabolism doesn’t make you put on any weight anyway.

I could list more and more until my fingers become numb from typing.

What would YOU tell your teenage self if you could? I would love to hear each and every one.



4 responses to “What I’d tell my teenage self.

  1. Lovely post! I sometimes have to remind myself of these sentiments and I’m in my thirties! Love x


  2. What a lovely read. I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did. I love it!
    In response to this post, if I could go back I would say to not be so hard on myself because one day I will embrace my awkward and uncomfortable qualities and grow to love myself.


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it :). Oh that’s a good one!!! I think I would have that also. It’s always harder to fit in when you’re younger and you start to doubt yourself but it’s what makes you you :). Glad you’ve popped by sweet will be sure to check out your blog too Xx

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