5 types of drunks.

We all know someone that is under one of these categories, in fact we know someone who fits each category quite nicely indeed.


1. The loud drunk, the drunk that loses their capability to talk like a civilised human as soon as they have a drink. Suddenly everything is said at max volume, shouting becomes the norm and ears become vulnerable.

2. The Emotional drunk. You’re sat waiting, watching the drinks going down making bets on when they’ll break down over anything and everything.

3. The drunk with the munchies, they will eat anything, absolutely anything, doesn’t matter if it’s their food or not they will take it and consume it in one.

4. The drunk that is everyone’s best friend. What do you mean you don’t know that guy? Of course you do, everyone knows that guy. He’s just told you his name is bruce and that he loves you becauseΒ now you’re best friends. C’mon get with it.

5. The probably worst drunk, the angry drunk. No one likes an angry drunk, worst part is there’s nothing you can do to stop this anger. You breathed? Oh you don’t want to do that, that’s going to set them off. Also nothing you can really do the day after to make them feel remorse for this as they don’t ever seem to remember their break outs.



3 responses to “5 types of drunks.

  1. Shamefully I might have been all 5 on at least one occasion ! Lol πŸ˜‰


  2. I am usually a mixture of 1, 3, and 4. Sadly, if I get really drunk, I turn into 2.


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