To knit or not to knit?

10678788_286583008193368_8032400731859257450_n If you said no to knitted jumpers you should just stop reading now. What do you even wear through the winter? Are you not freezing alllllll the time? To me a knitted jumper is a winter must have. They’re super cosy and also super cute. There is just absolutely nothing not to love about them.


Recently whilst on my lunch break I came across these two cuties, now my town is not one that has many clothes shops at all. All we have is a Peacocks and a New Look, which makes shopping locally very difficult. Still, I have a look around occasionally to see if anything catches my eye, and it only went and did! They’re both in gorgeous pastel colours (although the green one looks a lot darker in this picture) which are both flattering and so feminine.

Pink – New Look : £19.99

Green – Peacocks : £7.00 (they have a sale on their jumpers, THEIR JUMPERS AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, absolutely crazy)

If you’re without a knitted jumper this year is definitely the year to add one to your wardrobe. They are so timeless and so versatile, just stick a statement necklace with one and it goes from a super casual outfit to one to you can wear for most occasions.



4 responses to “To knit or not to knit?

  1. they look so cute and so cozy , me i bought one similar to the pink one from tezenis .


  2. Autumn is the BEST time of year because it has the best clothes. Layers and more layers! My favourite!


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