Please sir, can i have some more?


This afternoon after work I finally gave in and went into ‘Jassies’ sweet shop. They’ve been here in Louth for quite a while now, personally I’m rather proud that I haven’t given in until this moment, but god I’m glad I did. They have so many different treats in there, from the traditional sweets to ice cream, popcorn, chocolates of every variety, hot drinks, slushies, pancakes, candyfloss, and finally what I’m wanting to talk about milkshakes. Milkshakes?! I hear you ask, why would I be raving about a milkshake?! Well this milkshake was not just a milkshake, oh no sir. This one had a Lint Lindor chocolate bar, honeycomb ice cream and cookie dough ice cream all in there. Funny concoction yes, but amazing also. The fact they use ice cream is always a winner for me, makes it so much fresher and of course ten times yummier! Now I’d be very surprised if anyone who comes across this blog lives in Louth or the surrounding areas, or has even visited, in fact even heard of Louth before. If you do however ever find yourself here, go check their sweet shops out. Absolutely divine.



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