Meat Haters, Leather Lovers.


Vegetarians, is there a part time role in this life choice that some people have decided to take up? Where the killing of an animal for food is wrong, yet the shoes they have on are made of leather? Where would you suggest that came from? Natural resources? If you don’t want to eat meat for moral reasons good on you, I myself sometimes can’t bring myself to eat meat if I’ve thought about it too much. I completely understand why there are so many people who resort to just cutting it out of their life, but what is the difference between eating an animal and wearing one? They were both killed for that purpose. My mind can’t quite get itself around the idea of how one can be allowed and once can’t. I don’t have much more to say about this, I just really needed to get that off my chest!

If anyone has any insight on this, or is indeed a vegetarian and wears leather shoes and doesn’t eat meat that can explain I’m open to trying to understand. However I can’t promise at all that I will.



5 responses to “Meat Haters, Leather Lovers.

  1. I’m a veggie, have been for 5 years- I’ll only buy second hand Dr Martens ^^ I wouldn’t buy new. The only new leather I buy is steel toe caps- because it’s necessary when working with animals that can crush your toes!! Vegan shoes are normally more expensive, and unfortunately I can’t afford them most of the time!


    • So do the same rules apply to leather then? It’s just hard to get my head around as I’ve had veggies tell me I make them sick recently whilst they’re stood with leather shoes on so it’s enraged me a bit. Understand not everyone can afford the vegan shoes but is there the same thought process about it as there is meat??


      • That’s just my opinion, a know dr marten uses leather from cows used for meat purposes, so in that respect it’s better than letting it go to waste. I’ll try and avoid it when I can. (In regards to food, a lot of veggie stuff is a lot cheaper than decent meat!!) You shouldn’t let other anger you! Are you not veggie and that’s why they throw stupid arguments? I hate preachy veggie/ vegans!
        But you can go as far to throw cosmetics into the mix- how many animals have died on animal tested products, for some that isn’t even necessary, do you buy cruelty free? It’s a long argument, of which many differ on opinion.


      • Well it is nice to hear it from a veggies point of view, personally it’s never even crossed my mind but yes unfortunately they were preaching about how I make them sick and how I should be ashamed of myself whilst purchasing a burger. When I mentioned they’re wearing leather but I’m not calling them out about that they soon decided to turn a bit more for the worst because they got upset! I know it’s a long process and there are so many different things that you could argue about, didn’t want to insult you I just got a certain someone angering me! which as you say I shouldn’t let happen, but I’m only human! haha x


      • Ah there is no insult taken! I’m up for discussion! Unfortunately a lot of veggies take it upon themselves to criticise the world without taking into account their own hypocrisy! When you call them up on it they get shitty!
        It’s like talking to anti-caps about zoos- they get so defensive and angry about it, that it’s impossible to actually have a conversation! So don’t worry, I feel and understand your anger πŸ˜› x


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