Mindless Conclusions.


The scariest part of life for me is not knowing what other people are thinking. When I say that I’m referring to when you’re in a relationship, you don’t know what the other person is thinking, not ever. What if they’re having doubts? You’d never know. You can look into their eyes and feel like everything is absolutely perfect only to realise that you don’t actually know what is going on in their head. Your whole world is right in front of you, that one person, the thought of it all being taken away can be too much to handle, you know? I’m not saying that they will ever leave, definitely not what I’m trying to say but obviously sometimes people do go their separate ways. One of my best qualities I would say is how my mind works, it’s also my downfall. Everything can be exactly how I imagined it would always be, how it should be, just perfect. Yet I feel like my mind can play games with me, making me feel like something is wrong when it isn’t. Ridiculous is what it is but in a world where there is such pressure on practically every aspect of your life it’s hard to escape completely from it all. For some people it’s their looks, their weight, their career, mine seems to be my love life. The idea of what should be. Just need to breathe, remember each day is a new one and whatever happens, you’ll never not have another chance at love.



2 responses to “Mindless Conclusions.

  1. Nice post, and totally relatable.


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