Jimmy Carr


JIMMY CARR IS JUST FAB. Now I’ve got that off my chest, I can carry on in a less giddy shouting manner. Seriously though he’s not only hilarious but really grounded and took the time to speak to each and every person that wanted anything signed, which is nice seeing as most comedians/artists put on their act and then leave rather swiftly. Now he’s not a comedian for those who are easily offended, it’s pretty much a given if you go to one of his gigs that you are going to be insulted in some way or another. Whether directly or as a group of people. We watched him in Skegness which is a 30 minuteΒ drive from where I live. If you’ve been to Skegness you’ll wonder why he went there, he also wondered why he went there too when he had arrived. He joked about how many people in Skegness were severely overweight, asking if ‘anyone had an artery that wasn’t blocked’ in the audience. I sat rather proudly of my freely breathing arteries haha. A section of the show he mentions that he hardly gets heckled these days, because as he says people now know what his humour is like and people are paying good money to see him so obviously they are not going to pay to see someone they won’t enjoy. Instead he encourages people to heckle him, things like ‘get on with it you prick’ and ‘you’re shit’ and ‘you said you had 1 hour of good jokes, do they start after the interval?’ were shouted at him. Then Frazer (my partner) pipes up with “When are you going to realise you comb over isn’t going to hide your receding hair lines”

I’m quite annoyed that now I’m sat thinking about it I can’t remember any of his jokes. I’m having a complete block which is sooooo annoying because I didn’t stop laughing, not once. If he’s ever in your area please do get a ticket. You definitely won’t regret it!

Jimmy Carr – Funny Business.



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