5 things that bug me about A&E

I’ve spent the past four hours in A&E with my partner as he has had a back injury. FOUR HOURS. It’s actually ridiculous, whilst there I realised quite a few things that bug me.


1. – The nurses, they worked their whole educational life training and getting the qualifications to walk around with a face like a slapped arse.

2. – The chairs are absolutely rock solid. You go to A&E normally because you’re in some sort of discomfort to only be made more uncomfortable by the chairs.

3. – Children who have a paper cut and have been rushed to A&E, FOR A PLASTER.

4. – The constant “Are you ok?” while you’re in the waiting room! That’s what I’m waiting to find out!

5. – I don’t think I have ever waited so long for anything in my life. I know these places get busy but 2 hours before you even see a doctor?!



5 responses to “5 things that bug me about A&E

  1. i went to sheffield A&E a few months ago with a really painful foot, i couldnt walk on it, i expected to be there a few hours but was seen, xrayed and out within 45 minutes – on a monday lunch time!
    I was very surprised as normally my experience is around 4 hours wait xx


    • oh not that sounds rather unpleasant! Hope you’re feeling all recovered now. It really can get ridiculous can’t it! At least you were seen quickly, it really does take tooooo long! four hours it was for us, for a quick look over, an xray and an off work slip. nightmare! xx


  2. I know your pain- I was stuck in there for 5 hours at 1am (with no immune system…) whilst they were trying to decide whether my chest pain was cardiac related. After a 5 hour wait I’d bloody hope it wasn’t!! Is everything okay? Xx


    • It is ridiculous isn’t it! Oh man that definitely isn’t something you would think they’d take their time about, they say it’s done in order or priority not in order you arrive but it never seems that way. Hope you’re all ok now! Yes thank you everything is fine here, it wasn’t for me it was for my partner he had an accident and injured his back but he’s currently dosed up and pigging out so looks like everything is back to normal! haha xx


      • The priorities were the drunks that the paramedics wee bringing off the side of the road- we heard constant arguments between the doctors and paramedics about what to do with them! Yeah I’m fine now, that was a year ago πŸ™‚
        Ah I’m things are good your end… Back pain is no fun at all! Xx


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