The first of Poppy’s rebellions.


I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably along the lines of ‘awwwwwww’. Stop that. Stop thinking she looks adorable. Stop thinking you want one. Stop thinking anything about how lovely she is. WHY I HEAR YOU ASK?! That was poppy 9 months ago.Poppy is now all grown up, still adorable most the time yes but all of a sudden out of no where she has started a rebellion towards my makeup. Now in dog world she might think she’s saying ‘you don’t need it mum’. However in the real world all it says ‘I’m a little bugger, I dare you to look away for longer than a second’.

She is normally kept away in the kitchen when I work, purely so she can’t get up to mischief. As always I would come home and she has been good as gold. So I decided to be kind and let her have the run of the house today whilst I was at work, after all she’s never much trouble when she’s around the house when we’re in so what would she possibly do that’s different when i’m out?! I was fooled by her gorgeous brown eyes and her slightly still too big paws. Lesson Learnt. Got in and instead of being greeted by a overly excited pup as normal she is very nervous, she definitely knows this is not going to be a welcoming hello from me. First sights are fine, the walls still have the paint on with no marks, the carpet is still down, even the doormat is in its place instead of pulled around the floor and chewed. Perfect. As I walk towards to living room I can see her getting more and more worried, tail still wagging she tries to distract me with her toys which works for about….five seconds. My makeup bag has obviously been tossed around everywhere, foundation, powder, eyeliner, lipstick, EVERYTHING, all over the floor. I can not repeat what I said but it was a lot of random words that aren’t too pleasant popped into one overly long sentence that made absolutely no sense. img_2685

Someone please hypnotise my dog to play with her toys and her treats that are left out for her and not my makeup bag.

sincerely kim


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