Winter Chills

10006182_233046770213659_1646309163_nAre you ready for those winter chills? I most definitely am!

Last year my mum got herself into knitting, she started making bits and bobs and as time went on she had herself a collection of pattern books with endless designs. Now anyone who knows me and probably most who don’t, know I’m such a big kid, whilst looking in these pattern books I saw soooo many designs of hats, cushion covers, gloves, jumpers and so much more that I would love to have. A few months passed and I had admittedly pushed the ideas aside and was getting on with every day life when I was presented with this! A lady bird hat, I couldn’t contain my excitement, jumping up and down on the spot with a few squeals was all that managed to get its way out. It has antennas and everything that bop around like mad in the wind.  Even typing about it I’m getting giddy. Unfortunately last year when I got given it the weather was warming up and there were no real times I could wear it. 2014 is the year this hat makes an appearance in public and there shall be no shame.

Has anyone else got a handmade gift that is rather unusual?

sincerely kim


7 responses to “Winter Chills

  1. No one loves me enough to make me a handmade anything, I wish they would. I am a big kid as well, this hat is adorable!!!


  2. Enjoyed your perspective


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