Puppy sitting.

That bruiser in the background is my poppy dog, the little white fluff ball in front I hear you ask? Well that little munchkin is buddy.
He’s my partners sisters dog and he’s just adorable. We’ve got him for a couple of days so it’s all go in the household of Kim. Poppy has thoroughly enjoyed having a second dog around, however she doesn’t realise she’s not small anymore. The slightest touch of her paw to buddy’s side and he’s flown across the room.
Anyone who’s grown up with a dog will know how attached you get. It is only natural to purchase one once you move out of the family home and start your life on your own. The pitter patter of paws, the cuddles and the general company is really comforting. Silence however, silence is not so comforting. Nothing good is ever happening when it’s silent, only mischief, don’t you ever be fooled. If I could I would have a whole wolf pack! Donations towards my wolf pack are welcome! Cheeky 😏

sincerely kim


2 responses to “Puppy sitting.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Here’s hoping for the Wolf pack:)


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