Don’t give up on love.

The mentality of most is that if someone breaks up with you then that is that part of your life over. They get cut out without a second chance, which is exactly how I thought not so long ago. How dare someone hurt me and then expect me to give them a second chance, there are so many people in this world who wouldn’t need a second chance in the first place. Why would I waste my time on someone who does? Truth is you can’tΒ lie toΒ your heart. People hurt you all your life in completely different ways. Sometimes it’s family, when family do something completely outrageously awful to you, you pick up the pieces,Β glue them back together and move on. Because they’re family, and family stick together because you love each other right? And people make mistakes right?

So why is it when someone makes a mistake in a relationship that we protect ourselves to the point of never letting them back in in the same way again? Personally I was brought up being told that I deserve nothing less than perfect. Perfect however doesn’t exist. Love is a bumpy road. As I’ve said before what is love without passion and what is passion without some heated disagreements. The love of a partner is different to the love for a family member, of that i’m totally aware but in levels of how much I love them, I would say I love my family just as much. Once I put this concept into my mind and thought it through I realised I can’t go through life holding grudges for peoples mistakes, if you love someone you love someone. Whether they’ve hurt you or not. Who am I to deny myself potential happiness? Personally I would rather live with a little more heartbreak than a life of ‘what if’s’.

sincerely kim



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