The British Flu.

Now I’m not saying only Brits get the flu, but I only seem to see us vocalising about just how badly we’re ‘dying’ from it. Other countries have Malaria, HIV/Aids and other deadly diseases, yet do we hear the poor people suffering from those conditions complaining 24/7? No, no we do not. I guess its just a completely British trait. For the past few days I have been at the wrath of the flu, breathing heavier than Darth Vader and looking less alive than Frankenstein. There’s been nothing that could help me, no one could stop me feeling sorry for myself. My whole room has been turned into one big fume of Olbas oil and Vicks mixed together, to be honest it’s strong enough to clear even Voldemort’s nose. As much as Olbas oil and Vicks do help they are only a temporary option. Yesterday I got myself a saline spray, which I must admit I was pretty worried about just spraying up my nose, with good reason. The moment after I sprayed this mist up into my nostril my whole mouth could taste it, where does it say about this on the packet?! I was not prepared and my mouth felt violated by the surprise attack. On the bright side it did make breathing a lot easier and I was able to get a good nights sleep. All in all though I’m definitely not through the worst yet, pray for me.


sincerely kim


3 responses to “The British Flu.

  1. Oh yes I’m well acquainted with British Flu. But believe me, there is another, worse, deadlier strain:
    the dreaded Manflu. That would floor an elephant. A male elephant, that is. Whenever I try to write Manflu on FB, my autocorrect always changes to Manflu with a capital M. Confirming what we already know-it is a real condition. Count yourself lucky 🙂


    • The dreaded manflu, you see my autocorrect doesn’t change it. So I think as we already know, manflu is not real and it is just the absolute over use of the word that’s made your autocorrect change it for it haha! Although if manflu was real, I think I would be suffering worse right now!


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