10 things I was lied to about as a child.

1 – When the ice cream van is playing music it means they have no ice cream left.

2 – If you watch too much TV your eyes will become square.

3 – Santa is always watching you.

4 – This sign meant it was going to rain, he’s warning you he’s about to put his umbrella up.


5 – There are fairies at the bottom of the garden. (that you will ALWAYS be too slow to see, where as your parents are ALWAYS quick enough).

6 – You can be anything you want to be. (Never did they tell us we had to have some sort of skill in the field first)

7 – Pinocchio is a true story, if you lie the same will happen to you.

8 – If you pee in the pool the water turns blue and everyone will know it was you.

9 – I just have to check these sweets aren’t poisoned first, there are some evil people out there. (proceeds to eat basically all of them, just to be sure)

10 – This one I think probably just applies to me, if it applies to anyone else be sure to let me know your parents were as twisted as mine were. My mum had me believe this for years. I told all my friends at school. I told everyone. That my mum, was in fact an alien, you know the little one that sits insides a humans head and controls them…in men in black…



13 responses to “10 things I was lied to about as a child.

  1. This list is great. Never heard of the number two one on your list! lol


  2. Haha, funny list. What about when making a funny face and being told your face would get stuck like that? I was told that all the time as a kid.


  3. Ah no.4! That’s brilliant


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  5. Great post! I used to tell other kids I was a witch, I had 5 horses, and that my dad made a million dollars a day haha. Love your blog 🙂


  6. I love that first one. Some parents are so clever.


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