Victims of the internet.

Never before has the internet had such power. What’s more worrying is the way it can be abused. It’s so easy to jump on a bandwagon and make snide remarks about someone, someone that you probably don’t even know, not thinking any harm can come of it. The past year I’ve witnessed some really quite shocking personal attacks over the likes of Facebook and Twitter. People seem to forget that what they’re saying can seriously affect someone, just because you’re behind a computer screen doesn’t mean what you’re doing will have any less impact than if you said the comments face to face. How many more innocent people will have to be victims of the internet? How many more are we going to watch slip away?


2 responses to “Victims of the internet.

  1. I feel like internet bullying is worse with the fact they can hide behind anominity, I think that’s because (from person experience.) I read it in my own internal voice.

    So, it changes from someone saying something I can ignore, to something “I’m telling myself”


    • you’re completely right! I hadn’t thought of it quite like that before, but it’s true, you do read it how you would say it and that makes it even worse.

      Also hard that you don’t know who’s behind the comments sometimes, they can use a name that is not related to anything to do with them personally and you start questioning who it could be. Because surely a random person wouldn’t go out of their way to write such things?

      thank you for taking the time to read my post 🙂


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