The black and blue tradition.

There are over 19 years between me and my little sister, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped the fact that she’s already following in my footsteps. As a child I decided when I wanted to stop there would be no better brake than, well, my face! It’s always there, I’m never going to be without it. Seemed like a completely reasonable and ingenious idea. Now Faith, my littler sister, has done rather well until today she’s only had a couple of scrapes. None of which were completely obvious. She’s a week away from turning one, at this stage I looked like I was homeless, unloved and hard done by. Of course none of this was true I was just overly accident prone. Today however as I arrived at my mums house to see the little munchkin a lovely second head covered in a bruise was growing. Photos of my 1st birthday were ones that my mum hoped she’d never have to repeat, they definitely weren’t going to get put on the front of a cereal box that’s for sure. The hope that Faith would have lovely pictures with no war wounds of day-to-day life on show are fizzling away, which I just couldn’t help but laugh at. If you can’t beat them join them and she most certainly has joined me in being a mischievous little madam, exploring new things daily and ending up with the memories plastered all over her face.


sincerely kim


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