10 things that bug me about facebook.

1 – Game Requests – if someone wanted to play a game they would. Send the requests all you like but it isn’t going to persuade anyone to play, just persuade them to delete you.

2 – The people that go on Facebook to constantly moan about how they hate Facebook.

3 – The spam that people end up clicking on that then ends up spamming your news feed every five minutes under their name. Making you wonder if anyone you know are really stupid enough to click on these totally obvious spam links, or whether to blame it on their little brother or sister which they may or may not even have and brush it under the carpet.

4 –Β  Chat Feature –Β the not so helpful feature that claims to give you ‘favourites’ the people that you speak to the most. Which would be great if it worked. Instead you end up with your second cousin three times removed, some people you’ve never spoke to since school and the people you only have on Facebook because it’s easier to have them than not have them which you know you definitely haven’t spoken to.

5 – That one person that everybody has on Facebook that has to comment on EVERYTHING that you post whether it’s relevant or not.

6Β – The like button – it used to be a button you clicked if you liked something that was posted. Now its been twisted into something you can’t predict. Is someone liking your post because they like what you’ve put? Or just because they like you? Or maybe because they don’t actually like you at all and are trying to make a point or take a dig at you?

7 – The sharing button – People abusing this button to share their own pictures, rather than it being used for sharing something interesting or new that they don’t already have seven times on their profile.

8 – People on holiday who are constantly on Facebook. Since when did it become the done thing to pick up your phone as soon as you get on holiday and every other day whilst you’re there to let people know just how good it is there. rather than actually having a good time.

9 – The absolutely vile disgusting and degrading pages that seem to have become popular enough to be everywhere. The ones with the X-rated pictures of innocent girls who probably sent them to their partner with trust then to see them plastered all over the internet.

10 – Last but not least the people who use Facebook like a journal but not just any journal, a journal that you have to post in every five minutes. A journal you post things as simple as ‘Having a cup of tea’ please.


One response to “10 things that bug me about facebook.

  1. Degrading pages, the like everything you do people, and the journal post are definitely my top three picks for the most irritating things about facebook.


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