Something so Imperfectly Perfect

A new baby in the family is always an exciting experience and nobody wants to hear their baby isn’t perfect in society’s eyes. So you can imagine the worry when we found out my little sister was going to have a cleft palette. What would people say when she’s older? Would this affect her life in a negative way? What can be done in preparation for her arrival? 

*9 months later*

She was already past the date she was meant to be here, as we all sat anxiously waiting the days just seemed to get longer and longer. All of a sudden I heard my phone buzz, SHE’S HERE. Now I had never seen a cleft baby before, nor had I  really seen any pictures either. But one thing I can say for sure, she wasn’t any less beautiful because of it. In fact she may of even glowed just that little bit more.

Now everyone who knows me knows I’m not the best when it comes to hospitals, unfortunately this day was not any better. As I watched my baby sister, my mum and my Step-dad being the happiest I’ve ever seen them I started to see about…five of them. To save my dignity I tried to leave, however as I opened the door, well I can’t actually remember what happened when I opened the door. All I know is that I woke up a few minutes later to five midwives with probably much better things to do, you know like delivering people’s children, surrounding me. Wanting to just forget it I try to stand up only to find I have to now be taken to A&E in a wheelchair by my Step-dad  who’s first child has just been born moments earlier. Not even slightly embarrassing. Now whenever people ask about the birth of Faith he can say he spent the majority of the first few hours away….oops.

All in all I’m so proud of the whole family for pulling together through this time. No one knew what it was going to entail. Faith has been through so much and is not even one yet. I can’t even imagine the strength something so small and fragile would need to have to pull through such strenuous operations. The support has been completely overwhelming and I’m sure I speak for my family as well as for myself that we couldn’t be more grateful. CLAPA –  ‘The Cleft Lip & Palette Association’ help so many families through this truly scary time, for anyone who would like to get involved in helping children like my little sister get onto

And as for Faith now? Well she’s absolutely gorgeous.





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